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your IT

The technology industry is gradually reconciling itself to its environmental responsibility. Fortunately, being environmentally conscious has never been easier.


Can your computer and other equipment be reused?

mouseandmen maintains a list of non-profits and agencies that request used computers and other materials. In some cases, your computer may be so out-of-date that its utility has passed. We applaud you for getting such good value out of your technology. Now it’s time recycle.

Do you need help preparing your computers for recycling?

Your hardware may contain sensitive files or treasured information. mouseandmen can help you retrieve, store or upload your contents, leaving your old equipment clean.



Companies such as the 4th Bin will come to your facilities and pick up your computer equipment, including printers, monitors, servers, hard drives, and batteries. 4th Bin works exclusively with e-Stewards certified companies for recycling. e-Stewards certification is a project of the BASEL ACTION NETWORK, ensuring that recyclers follow current best practices; these companies are the only ones authorized to carry the e-Stewards label.

Most computer manufacturers today have programs in place to help customers recycle.


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