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More than helping computers, we help the people behind the computers:
owners, managers, workers and their clients.



Study 1:

"Worker Productivity"


Client: Small Manufacturing Facility


Problem Description: A family-owned and -operated company faced challenges with worker productivity. Whenever the supervisors left one station to examine another, production goals slipped. The problem was worse in areas farthest from management's office. The owners asked us, "How can our workers remain conscientious and productive without us having to micro-manage and hover over them?"


Solution: mouseandmen installed web secure enabled cameras to monitor the facility floor, knowing that people react differently in front of a camera. Supervisors could view the facility from both a dedicated screen as well as their own desktop monitors. Management observed a rise in productivity and a reduced strain on supervisory staff.

Study 2:

"Disaster Recovery"


Client: Provider of Business Services


Problem Description: Management needed to know that the Windows Small Business Server running Microsoft Exchange would be able to recover quickly, should an outage occur. The financial loss from any downtime would be very costly to both the budget and the company’s reputation.


Solution: mouseandmen installed a state-of-the-art backup-and-recovery server that continuously monitors the Windows Small Business Server, copying the entire system. With this new technology, small businesses have access to the same degree of disaster recovery as large businesses.







Study 3:

"The Cost of Broadband"


Client: Graphic Design Firm


Problem Description: The cost of broadband continued rising as more users were added to the office network. Management sought a way to maximize Internet access speed without paying higher fees. (Moving from a business DSL to a T1 can leave a large financial impact upon a small business budget, for example.)


Solution: The mouseandmen solution was to take one step back: before posing a remedy, first find the exact nature of the problem. mouseandmen installed a network monitoring server on one of the firm’s old and unused Windows PC to see what kind of data moved in and out of the office. The pattern was easy to spot. Users’ casual browsing of bandwidth intensive websites bottlenecked real work. By reconfiguring the firewall, mouseandmen restricted certain non-work related network activities. The client's broadband returned to speed without the cost of an upgrade.


Study 4:

"A Help Desk for 15 Users"

Client: Law Firm


Problem Description: A small business needed to handle its users’ daily troubleshooting requests without hiring an onsite IT technician. Working within a small business budget, the owner needed someone to make a help desk run smoothly and monitor both hardware and software on a network.


Solution: mouseandmen created a help desk to receive technical problems from users, monitor servers and computer errors, record maintenance and purchase information, and alert us when there is an impending emergency. This software program acts as a virtual IT technician 24 hours a day, so that when the real tech arrives, problem solving is expedited.