Who we are

and how we got here


Timeline of mouseandmen


1997 Mark contracts with Ben Design and later RCA Records for IT Support

1999 Business triples; Dean joins the fledgling operation full-time

2000 The business is incorporated and named “mouseandmen”

2001 mouseandmen retools to add Windows support to its services and hires part-time employees to manage increased workflow

2008 mouseandmen completes its 10,000th support ticket

2009 Tommy and Larry join mouseandmen team

2010 State-of-the-art site and network monitoring systems adopted; tenth anniversary

2012 mouseandmen goes west



People come first. People build computers, people use IT, people design networks, people integrate infrastructure. The work of computers begins with people, and mouseandmen operates from this ethos. mouseandmen supports hundreds of users a month and helps them with the technology that drives their productivity at work. We work hard to soothe frustrated users and troublesome computers.





Mark Berman
917.449.9686 | mark@mouseandmen.com


Mark Berman

Ever since he watched a design firm struggle to adapt to computerized systems in the early 1990s, Mark Berman realized that in order to unleash the power of technology, one must first focus on people: meet people where they are, focus on their needs, and help them build their relationship with technology. In other words, old-fashioned personal service in the new-fangled world of computers largely determines the success of the technology. This ethos guides Mark's vision for mouseandmen.



Dean Marchi, The Computer Whisperer
917.517.8500 | dean@mouseandmen.com


Dean Marchi

Dean has a knack for all things technical. A degree in engineering combined with his inability to distinguish day from night makes him the ideal IT problem solver. Dean has uncanny intuition about how hardware and software operate. That, together with his incredible focus and unyielding determination enable him to solve any IT problem.



Tommy Pollatcheck, The Atypical Computer Geek
917.502.8164 | tommy@mouseandmen.com


Tommy PollatcheckFascinated by technology ever since childhood, Tommy has worked in every aspect of computers: programming to help desk to development to hardware. Tommy's dedicated cultivation of computer skills has not dampened his interpersonal ones. In spite of his committed relationship to PCs,
Tommy has the social skills of a diplomat.



Larry Leister, The Elder
201.572.0200 | larry@mouseandmen.com


Larry LeisterA long-term technology enthusiast since the dawn of the computer age, Larry specializes in systems administration and office productivity applications. His experience in both back office operations and technology puts him in the unique position to understand new trends. Most importantly, he understands the challenges of users interfacing with their technology and bridges both with ease.



Jason Ellis
917.686.1678 | jason@mouseandmen.com


Jason Ellis

Jason has been helping people learn to live with (and love) their computers since before there was a google. As a theater creator and systems guru In NYC, he has acted as a common sense translator of the robotic world of IT for over 20 years. With his experience in a dizzying array of software, hardware, and scenarios, and with his intuitive sense of technology, Jason can often find the simple way to make a hard problem go away.